Sarah has been hosting elaborate dinners and delighting people with her food since her teenage years but her passion for food was fully in Italy where she got to live and work on an organic farm in San Potito that was owned and run by an accomplished Italian chef.


After spending a month and a half in Italy studying the cuisine, Sarah returned to Singapore and begun hosting “Smothering Suppers” – an extremely well received supperclub. She then worked in the kitchen of Immigrants Gastrobar under the legendary Damien D’Silva, one of Singapore’s national culinary treasures. She was also the pioneer manager/barista of  of One Man Coffee, where she brought her culinary experience and expertise to the artisan cafe experience.


Today, Sarah is at the helm of Carvers & Co, where she heads a team of talented, creative and passionate F&B professionals where together they serve up some of the best creative comfort food Singapore has to offer. Carvers has won many customers and fans over with its focus on hearty satisfying and unpretentious food that will give the diner a sense of familiarity, while still preserving just enough edge to wow and delight. 



Soh Wen Ming thinks of himself as first and foremost, a Musician. He spent 16 years of his life committed fully to music and has worked with some of the top luminaries from around the region and the world. He's been described as the guy who can do it all, and has found himself performing in all kinds of settings, from playing with the top jazz acts in the region, to touring with Singapore's brightest Singer Songwriter Charlie Lim and his band the Mothership, to playing for top Mandopop acts such as Stefanie Sun, Kit Chan, and FIR.


At the age of 29, he decided it was time to do something else with his life that allowed him to contribute to the people around him in a more direct fashion than being a musician allowed. Through a series of unforseen events, he found himself in a position to be the Manager of Carvers & Co.


Today he sees his job at Carvers & Co as being a manager of F&B creatives and relishes the opportunity to build a corporate structure and culture that aims to bring the best out of those in his charge. His unique insight first as a creative himself allows him to see the talent and potential in those he works with and apply the same rigour and discipline from his musical training to his management style to bring out the best in his team and to teach them the beauty and value in bringing their individuality to contribute to a totalily that's greater than the sum of its parts.




Nicholas Tan, affectionately knows as Nic, comes from a lineage of Baristas that has been making coffee before it was a cool thing to do. The world is full of glorified "Latte Artists" and Nic can hang with the best of them but the true beauty of his work is experienced best when he pulls an Espresso. It's exactly like him - no frills, no extraneous fireworks, just pure sincerity, passion, and pride in his work.


While he's an amazing Barista, his true value is shown in how leads his front of house team at Carvers & Co. He exemplifies the service quality and work ethic that Carvers & Co prides itself on providing its customers and his unique leadership style inspires his team to give their all every day to provide a unique experience that makes customers into repeat customers and repeat customers into friends and patrons. 


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